studio 12/06/2018—29/06/2020


The Director of the Show

The “Studio”
In the section “directors studio” I want to show how I am trying to get beyond average - playing with art, choosing the examples like a film “director” and performing like an “actor”. This selection comes in a free order without any description except the filenames indicating the character I played.
In the section “masterpieces” you will find the originals, which inspired me. They are listed with name and title. To make the right association to my images should be quite easy. With the pages “About” I want to describe the making-of my pictures.

Going public with my understanding of art is a daring attempt for sure but I hope to bring you some pleasure beside the impression how much fun it can be playing characters before the camera. My wife will confirm my idea wholeheartedly. Thank you, Babi for all your support and understanding of my hobby which changed a bit our living room. She likes to cooperate now more than before and to play the character in special projects for our own fun.

The Director's Ambition
Learning by imitating masterpieces of art is my approach to become a better photographer. I started two years ago at zero in terms of knowing how to photograph with studio lights. Now in times of Corona I am so happy to have this equipment at home.
What I realized during my training was, that photography is far more than mastering all the technical skills. This was hard enough for me, who was always taking pictures in automatic mode, but now I experience what it takes to produce mood and scenery in a studio. Today I like to create my pictures in a more conceptual way by acting as if I were on stage. To play the role of a model was first up to Barney Rubble, a mask with a red hair wig mounted on a gym-mat. But soon I discovered a certain pleasure in performing myself with eventual theatrical disguise and poses, trying out expressions and moods. Much to my surprise, for I never felt quite comfortable in front of a camera.

My personal interpretation of those masterpieces creates eventually a comic effect, which now I am aiming at even on purpose. Besides drawing advice from tutorials on youtube, I am used to analyze the various images by addressing questions like: “How was that picture made?”, “Who shot that picture?”, “What is the purpose behind that photo?”, “Is this picture of any benefit to the viewer?”