Jackson Pollock (1912 - 1956)

Jürgen Friedrich (*1970)

"...the Abstract Expressionist American painter...loved and was inspired by jazz."

"...that Pollock would listen to while he created."

Dan McClenaghan

Cover Design: Konstantin Kern, München

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Jürgen Friedrich: Pollock

recorded 2007

produced by Pirouet Records, München 2009

Cover image: courtesy Pirouet

Pirouet provides also reviews and liner notes:

CD-Review by Dan McClenaghan
in: All About Jazz 05. Juni 2009

CD-Review by Doug Simpson
Audiophile Audition , 11. Juni 2009

"Jazz has loved and drawn inspiration from Pollock, too-in part, perhaps, due to the improvisational aspect of the painter's best known art."

Dan McClenaghan

Jürgen Friedrich, John Hébert, Tony Moreno: Pollock

Trio improvisation


1998 MOMA retrospective

"The impression of movement within a canvassed frame, which Pollock created with his famous action painting technique, ..."

Doug Simpson

"In adhering to the album title's connection to American abstract painter Jackson Pollock, there are a number of songs that have a painterly perception."

"Ironically, the title track is not a fully-developed composition, but instead one of two short interludes evenly spaced along the record's breadth."

"However, it is apparent on first listen this is the only unmistakably three-way collective impromptu event, and Friedrich, Hébert and Moreno produce a brief but beguiling concoction that is intricate and unsettling."

Doug Simpson

Original album cover: "White Light", painting by Pollock

Album Design: Loring Eutemey

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Ornette Coleman: Free Jazz

rec. 1960, produced by Nesuhi Ertegun

Atlantic Records, 1961

Cover Design:

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Jane Ira Bloom: Chasing Paint

Arabesque Recordings, 2003

Bloom devoted an entire CD to musical interpretations of Pollock paintings