Joan Miró (1893 - 1983)

Bobby Previte (*1962)

Joan Miró gilt als einer der großen Künstler aus der Generation von Picasso and Matisse.

Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró, Palma de Mallorca

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Hubertus Gassner, Joan Miró. Der magische Gärtner, DuMont:Köln 1994

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Cover photo: Miró Holding a Jawbone, 1946

Design: Heung-Heung Chin

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Bobby Previte: The 23 Constellations of Joan Miró

performed by an all-star ensemble conducted by Kirk Nurock

produced by David Breskin/The Art Department, 2001

label: TZADIK, New York

Cover image: courtesy of Tzadik

Auf Anregung von Tony Williams widmete sich Previte dem Jazz-Schlagzeug und arbeitete ab 1980 in der New Yorker "Downtown-Szene" mit John Zorn, Bill Frisell und Don Byron. In den 90ern spielte er mit Marc Ducret und Jane Ira Bloom.

2009 gastierte Previte mit Christian Muthspiel's "Yodel Group" in Saalfelden:

2010 tritt er mit dieser Gruppe in Hochneukirchen-Gschaidt auf:

CD-Booklet with excellent reproductions of the 23 works by Miró and with texts by:

Bobby Previte and David Breskin


2004 "La naissance du monde: 1917-1934" im Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

Retrospektive in der Fondation Maeght, Saint-Paul de Vence, 2004

David Breskin schreibt, dass Miró diese Bilderserie zwischen 1940 und 1941 herstellte."Inspired by reflections in water and by music - every bit as much as by the arbitrary animals and objects in the sky we call constellations - Miró set about the creation of a fictive world potent enough to defend himself from the increasing horrors of the world outside his window.""The paintings themselves negotiate the space between the terrestrial and the cosmic, the sensuous and the spiritual, and the abstract and the representational; and it is the mortar of Miró's hieroglyphs which hold in exquisite tension all these shearing forces."

"...Miró practices a promiscuous visual music of excess and overlap, morph, bend and blend: a language of tranformation. (Hence the jawboned sky on our cover.)"

David Breskin

Previte hatte wie viele andere auch ein Miró-Poster in seinem Zimmer, ohne richtigen Zugang zur Kunst Miró's zu haben. "He didn'see him until that day in 1993 at the big Miró retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. I walked into that room with all the Constellations and ...blam! Never been the same since."

Bobby Previte

Seine musikalische Antwort auf Miró "is not in any way a direct translation (that's impossible) but an emotional one."

David Breskin

These "musical interpretations of twenty-three Miró paintings by Bobby Previte...are filled with sweeping gestures and meticulous detail"


David Breskin hat noch kurz vor der Aufnahme auf einen Artikel von Georges Antheil aus "Cahiers d'Art", 1934 hingewiesen:"The lesson that Miró has taught us is not be afraid of music, or its bite, even if the line doubles back upon us, and perhaps in certain cases annihilates us. Here we have a rubber music, dreaming unashamedly, delicately breathing, inflating and deflating, like a being sleeping or the suns cooling. Let us examine the objects in the sky, abolish the constellations, and consider the light years between each and every planet. I love Miró's music..."

Bobby Previte

1 Sunrise
2 The Escape Ladder
3 People At Night, Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails
4 Women On the Beach
5 Woman With Blonde Armpit Combin Her Hair by the Light of the Stars
6 Morning Star
7 Wounded Personage
8 Woman and Birds
9 Woman In the Night
10 Acrobatic Dancers
11 The Nightingale's Song At Midnight and Morning Rain
12 On the 13th, the Ladder Brushed the Firmament
13 Nocturne
14 The Poetess
15 Awakening In the Early Morning
16 Toward the Rainbow
17 Women Encircled by the Flight of A Bird
18 Women at the Border of a Lake Irradiated by the Passage of a Swan
19 The Migratory Bird
20 Ciphers and Constellations In Love With A Woman
21 The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown To A Pair of Lovers
22 The Rose Dusk Caresses the Sex of Women and of Birds
23 The Passage of the Divine Bird

Dave Brubeck: Time Further Out. Miró Reflections, 1961