Fritz Ruprechter (*1950 )

Rova Saxophone Quartett

Fritz Ruprechter, 1950 geboren in Matrei in Osttirol; 1972 Hochschule für angewandte Kunst in Wien 1973 Akademie Minerva, Groningen, Holland 1975 School of Art, Cork, Irland 1976 Diplom für Malerei und Grafik in Holland; 1977 Auslandsstipendium in Ägypten 1978 Förderungspreis der Stadt Wien; 1986-2007 Aufenthalte in Japan und in Ländern Südamerikas

Rova Saxophone Quartett: Being and Seeming

Live 20.10.1995 at Wittgenstein Haus, Wien

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Catalogue notes and images: courtesy of Fritz Ruprechter

"The Rova Saxophone Quartet is a San Francisco-based saxophone quartet formed in October 1977 at the same time as their "less adventurous" but better known colleagues the World Saxophone Quartet. The name "Rova" is an acronym formed from the last initials of the founding members: Jon Raskin, Larry Ochs, Andrew Voigt and Bruce Ackley.

"Founding member Andrew Voigt left Rova in August 1988 and was replaced by Steve Adams."

"Rova has become an important leader in the music movement that has its roots in post-bop, free jazz, avant-rock, and 20th century new music as well as drawing inspiration from traditional and popular styles of Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States. "

zahlreiche Ausstellungen:

1995 Fritz Ruprechter: 4 Bilder, Haus Wittgenstein, Wien

Eröffnungsrede: Robert Fleck

published in : Art and Architecture, été 1996, Nr. 45, p. 21


2010 Fritz Ruprechter, artmark galerie, Wien

Bild 1

"The music will essentially be four consecutive 'solos' with comments and accompaniment from the resulant trios."

1 A Luminous Body

Das Publikum befindet sich im Hauptaum ohne die Musiker zu sehen.

"A long melodic braid will unfold with each of the saxophonists in a different hidden corner of the house."

Bild 2

2 Black Mirror

Das Publikum kann sich frei durch die Ausstellung bewegen. Ebenfalls ein Musiker, der gelegentlich in das Spiel der anderen mit einem Solo einsteigt.

"The remaining (not moving) trio will perform three simultaneous solos."

Bild 3

"Five 'sound areas' will occur, analogous to the sandpaper sections of Ruprechter's surfaces."

3 The Geometry of Sound

"This piece will divide the entire spectrum of the quartet's range, from the bottom of the baritone to the top of the sopranino, into a giant tone row that will correspond to the spatial relationships of Ruprechter's works."

Bild 4

"Relating to their alternating surfaces, there will be an alternation between fixed (silver) and improvised (sandpaper) material."

4 Red Shift

Jeder Musiker spielt in einem anderen Raum.

"Melodic material will be derived from intervals corresponding to the actual proportions of the visual works."