Bob (Robert Louis) Thompson (1937-1966)

Archie Shepp (*1937)

Art Direction: Hollis King

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Archie Shepp: Mama Too Tight

Label: Impulse!

Original sessions produced by Bob Thiele, 1966

CD reissue at MCA Records produced by Michael Cuscuna, 1998

Cover image: courtesy of Verve Music

CD-liner notes: Archie Shepp


1998 Retrospektive, Whitney Museum, NY

"This album is an eulogy for Robert Thompson, Ernie Henry, and Basheer: three Black artists who passed away at painfully abortive ages."

Archie Shepp

A Portrait of Robert Thompson (as a young man)

"Because I know my people once spoke with drums, because, rhythm is the essence of African music (and indeed all vital music), I have used the horns as an overtone of the drum. Therefore the drums are dominant, and predominant, and at times (viz. Portrait) may entirely 'overplay' the horns..."

Archie Shepp

Cover Painting by Bob Thompson, 1963

Design: Miles Bachman & Peov.

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Steve Lacy Quartet: THE FOREST AND THE ZOO

Recorded in concert, October 8, 1966 at Instituto dDi Tella, Centro de Experimentation
Audio-Visual, Buenos Aires, Argentina

ESP 1060 CD

The photograph from the original back cover shows: Lacy, the late Bob Thompson, who had died before obtaining recognition, and Johnny Dyani in Rome 5/66