Barbera-Hanna 15-19/04/2020


Hold that pose for me!

American animated sitcom, 1960-66, from 1966 broadcast in German TV under the name “Familie Feuerstein”.

Joseph Barbera-William Hanna

I wonder if anyone of my generation had not seen the activities of Fred and Wilma and their next-door neighbors and best friends, Barney and Betty Rubble (Geröllheimer). The continuing popularity of the series “rests heavily on its juxtaposition of modern everyday concerns in the Stone Age setting” and many gags draw their comic from the point, that animals are doing the machines. Just so in the episode "Flash Gun Freddie" (December 21, 1962), when Fred and Barney take up photography as a hobby during their vacation from work. When Fred aims and focuses on Wilma with his „Polarock” instant camera, you can see how inside the box a woodpecker is sculpting her portrait and then Wilma gets her photo.

Some time ago I bought a Barney mask in a special shop together with a red-haired wig. When I started my training for studio lighting in 2018, it was good to have it at home to serve as a dummy for focusing in various setups. I only needed to mount it onto a rolled-up gym-mat. Like a friend, Barney did his job very well and bore the longest sessions of practice and different dress ups, I suppose due to his „inveterate cheerfulness“.

Dear Barney, thank you very much! As a return of favor, we present some nice shots of you.
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