Gerhard Richter (*1932)

Bill Frisell (*1951)

Gerhard Richter's Abstract Pictures, 1999 (858 1-8) are in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art:

Gerhard Richter:

Graphic Design: Eli Bornowsky

Cover painting: Gerhard Richter, Abstract Picture, 1999

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Richter 858 Music by Bill Frisell

produced by David Breskin 2002

Songlines Recordings 2005

Cover image: courtesy Songlines

Bill Frisell: musician (guitar), composer

CD-Booklet contains following texts:

David Breskin: Richter 858: Outline Re: Structure, Aesthetics, Questions, Thoughts.

Tony Reif: An Interview with Bill Frisell, June 2004

Lily Prillinger: from An Interview with David Breskin, September 2002

"Richter paints to music - no surprise when you look at his work."

David Breskin

from "An Interview with Bill Frisell by Tony Reif "

"David Breskin had arranged for me to see the paintings in San Francisco, all by myself, for as long as I wanted...I was just trying to absorb emotionally, in my own way, what was happening in the paintings."

"...I was thinking of my role as the guy with the squeegee rubbing across the painting."

"I guess my own personal process of writing music is probably not that related to what Richter does, but I tried to make the performance of what I had written closer to what he still came down to the truth that my own life has to come out somehow."

Bill Frisell

Breskin outlines for Bill Frisell that "there should be eight distinct pieces of music, each piece having a 1:1 relationship to the painting which serves as its 'trigger'...the entire painting itself - its vibe, feeling, colors, strategies, structures, interventions, whatever - may be the triggering element."

"The idea is to use the paintings as not just 'inspiration' but 'motivation': I believe that the deeper and more intimately involved you are with looking, the more perfect will be the relatinship between your music and Richter's paintings."

"I expect the music will delve deep into the language of Electric Guitar. These are shimmery, 'electric' paintings. They hodl, bury, mix, and reveal a lot of visual noise - beautiful, aching, sweet, painful noise."

"These abstract paintings are created in the spirit of controlled experimentation...These same 'contradictions' could infuse certain elements of the music, and indeed can't but otherwise."

David Breskin: produced also:

Bobby Previte: The 23 Constellations of Joan Miró, 2001